Real Estate Investing Success Stories

At the Matterhorn Group, we help investors achieve a great return while solving problems for people in situations where banks, financial institutions, family or no one else will help them. Read some of our recent success stories from the Matterhorn Group:


Helping A Single Mom Find A Home

Recently we helped a single Mom who was in foreclosure for the fourth time in ten years. She couldn’t afford to bring her mortgage payments current and she wanted to leave the Cold Chicago winters to be with her family in Texas.  She was behind on her payments and neither the bank or her family could help her out of her very difficult situation.   She asked us to see if we could help her find a way out.  After consulting our creative lawyer who has 33 years of experience in Real Estate and a history in working with various banks and financial Institutions, we put together a strategy that not only brought her mortgage current, gave her the money to move to Texas and be with her family and we negotiated a profitable discount with the bank that will give the investors involved with a great return with strong security.


Partnerships with Colleagues

Occasionally opportunities even come from colleagues.  For  example, we had an investor who owned eight properties that were over leveraged that she had lost control of.   She had exhausted her personal resources and was unable to find relief from the bank or any other investors in her network.  Again, we used our negotiating experience to avoid foreclosure in negotiating a good discount from the lender and help them reduce their non performing portfolio while helping restore her credit.  In turn,  this provided an investment opportunity with strong secured returns.  It was a win-win for everybody involved!


Fixing Up A Damaged Home

We helped another lady who had fallen behind on her payments that had also had a family member who had basically destroyed what was originally a nice property that she could now not afford to fix up and sell.  Not to mention that nobody would help her until she called us. We were able to bring her payments current, repair the property to a quality standard, restructure her loan and end her foreclosure.  This was also a great opportunity for an investor to help solve a woman’s problems and realize a good return from a great property.


Leaving Chicago for Florida

We recently bought a house from a woman who was born in that house and had owned it For over 35 years that was looking to sell the property and retire from the cold Chicago winters to Florida.  She lived in an old house in an expensive neighborhood but she didn’t have the resources to tear the house down and build the type of house that sold in that neighborhood.  We not only negotiated a fair price to help her achieve her dream Florida retirement, she told her next door neighbor who also sold us her house at a great price so she could move to another state with her family.  In turn, because we were able to buy older properties with smaller houses on their lots we got a great price that nobody else in the area could touch.  That set the stage for highly profitable investment for the investor.  That was a Win-Win-Win!


Educational and Enjoyable

“My situation seemed very complicated and where I thought that perhaps I couldn’t do anything. As I learned more about their various strategies , I discovered that they had various investing strategies that might be able to help my situation. Their solution, knowledge and resources allowed them to make a very fair proposal. I decided to move forward because the situation was where I needed someone who could act quickly and solve all the caveats of what was necessary to complete the deal. They had the knowledge and experience and resources in place to get the deal done. I would highly recommend doing business with Bob/GD. I have to say that working with them has not only been educational, but enjoyable
as well.  They really were able to teach me how to do the deal as well as relieve anxiety in what could have been a very stressful situation.”
– Kelly Andrews